Registration Form


SECTION B : Applicant’s Information


SECTION C : Previous School Information

SECTION D : Parent's/Guardian's Information and Contact


SECTION F : Medical Information

SECTION G : School Directory

SECTION H : Enrollment Agreement

MUNICIPAL FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PROTECTION OF PRIVACY ACT : The personal information you have provided on this form and any other correspondence relating to your involvement in our programs is collected by the Al-Manarat Heights under the authority of the Education Act (R.S.O. 1990 c.E.2) ss. 58.5, 265and 266 as amended. The information will be used to register and place the student in a school, to communicate school related information and activities to parent/guardian via email if provided, or for a consistent purpose such as the allocation of staff and resources and to give information to employees to carry out their job duties. In addition, the information may be used to deal with matters of health and safety or discipline and is required to be disclosed in compelling circumstances or for law enforcement matters or in accordance with any other Act. The information will be used in accordance with the Education Act, the regulations, and guidelines issued by the Minister of Education governing the establishment, maintenance, use, retention, transfer and disposal of pupil records. For questions about this collection, please speak to your school principal. In case of emergency, and the disclosure of health related information to the Medical Officer of Health. Questions regarding this collection and use of personal information should be directed to the Office.
* Al-Manarat Heights reserves the right to open, merge, and/or close classes based on the number of students registered in the class.
* I take full responsibility to enroll my Child at Al-Manarat Heights. I am financially responsible and agree to the terms and conditions

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