Hifz Integrated Program


    • Qura’n Memorization with Tajweed

      Hifz At AlManarat Heights Islamic School

    • Mathematics

    • Language Arts (English)

Parents are reminded that the memorisation of the Qur’an requires a tremendous amount of effort, focus, and dedication from the student, parent(s), and the teacher. Therefore, when deciding to enroll the child into the Hifz program, parents are requested to prepare themselves for this huge and blessed commitment.

Admission Requirements

  • The Hifz Integrated program is catered towards children between the ages 6 and 10 years
  • The student must be able to recite Qur’an fluently with Tajweed
  • Parent and student interview will be conducted prior to interim admission
  • Final admission will be granted after the interview

Admission Procedure & Fees

  • Follow the admission procedures. Click here