Sponsor A Student

         Nurturing young minds with sound knowledge preserves their Imaan. Allah says, “Don’t kill your children out of the fear of poverty (8:151)” and preventing the children from accessing divine knowledge is a form of killing, mental and spiritual killing. Every year, Al-Manarat accommodates many students who cannot afford to pay the full-tuition fee such as multiple children from the same family, orphans, children of divorced women and disenfranchised children in our community.

Monthly Student Discount 2017-2018

Total Student Discount Per Month = $20,134.61

We require $20,134.61 per month from the community to help the students on scholarship. 

If you want to add your share in educating these students and join the student sponsorship campaign, please click on the ‘donate’ button below. 

You can also fill out the Sponsorship Pledge Form and submit to our office